This is what the #future of #learning looks like.

At University of Phoenix we started online learning in 1989…24 years ago.  Most institutions are just now starting to offer their first online courses, over two decades later.

Our new program, the Innovator’s Accelerator, is what the future of online learning will look like…available today.

The Innovator’s Accelerator brings world-class content and a unique online competency-based learning model together with broadcast-quality production and design from global design and innovation firm IDEO and University of Phoenix, to create the next step forward in online learning focused on innovation.

Three of the most prominent minds in the innovation field – Clayton Christensen at the Harvard Business School, Jeff Dyer at Brigham Young University and The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, and Hal Gregersen at INSEAD – tapped into their globally recognized research, experience and insights to create the intellectual core of the Innovator’s Accelerator at University of Phoenix.

Take a look at an overview here:  It’s just four minutes and well worth the time, or click on this link to take a more detailed look:  Innovators Accelerator Overview from Bob Elz.

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