#ACE highlights in a paper released today the many ways colleges continue to neglect adult learners.

There are significantly more non traditional adult learners trying to obtain a degree in the United States today than traditional learners ages 17-25.  Yet the vast majority of institutions of higher learning are failing in addressing the needs of this large and diverse group of adult learners.

Today the American Council on Education (ACE) released a paper that highlights the many areas our nation’s system of education is failing the adult learner, and provides meaningful insight and recommendations on how to address the needs of this vast audience.

The paper is titled “Post-traditional Learners and the Transformation of Postsecondary Education: A Manifesto for College Leaders,” and can be found by visiting the ACE website:  

Click to access Soares-Post-Traditional-v5-011813.pdf

Key highlights include:

  • Bring in non-academics from the workplace to improve teaching and learning for nontraditional students.
  • Encourage colleges to embrace rather than resist new types of credentials that don’t originate in academe.
  • Rebuild the Definition of postsecondary education from the post-traditional learner 0ut.
  • Be entrepreneurial, not merely “stewards” of current practices.



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