Bob works with the world’s largest employers and school districts on the innovative and disruptive use of technology to transform our nation’s views on education.

Bob was formerly Senior Vice President at Apollo Education Group and University of Phoenix (NASDAQ:APOL). Bob created the overall strategy and led all academic partnership efforts at Apollo with major corporations who offer tuition reimbursement for employee degree completion. Bob’s team also led the creation and implementation of Phoenix Career Services, connecting over one million students and alumni to job opportunities and career resources on a scale unmatched in the history of higher education.

Prior to joining Apollo, Bob led teams at UPS (NYSE:UPS) for seventeen years, the last decade at their world headquarters in Atlanta where he guided global teams in the development of UPS’s partnership strategy, UPS.com and the creation of UPS’s global e-Commerce vision and strategy.

All of human knowledge is available instantly to any student, anyplace, at anytime.  

So why do we still teach as if this was not the case?”  

B. Elz




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